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Pretty Mouth REVISITED

Degac Creep: I like Hyuk Jae
Degac Creep: and Ki Bum
Degac Creep: and... that one with the pretty mouth
Degac Creep: Sung... Sung something
se7enteenYG: Sungmin
Degac Creep: yes, Pretty Mouth
se7enteenYG: xD
Degac Creep: tell me he does not have the most gorgeous fucking mouth
se7enteenYG: he does have the most gorgeous fucking mouth xD
se7enteenYG: my sister fails to see it, but I see it
se7enteenYG: she's blind, anyway
Degac Creep: god
Degac Creep: that mouth
Degac Creep: I don't know why, but it drives me insane
se7enteenYG: he looks so sexy with that mouth o____o
Degac Creep: he doesn't even have to be smiling
Degac Creep: it's just always pretty
se7enteenYG: that's it
se7enteenYG: its so...
se7enteenYG: its just so gorgeous
Degac Creep: I am so glad I found someone who knows what the hell I'm talking about
Degac Creep: everyone else is like "Uh huh... right Liz... PRETTY MOUTH... WHATEVER you say"
se7enteenYG: xD
se7enteenYG: WHAT is wrong with them?!
Degac Creep: that certainly is the question

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