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Mentioning people

iryokuatae, amykaidoh01 and kigan06 have all read at least chapter one of the new fic... and with the positive response they gave me (iryokuatae demanded two more chapters), I have decided to start posting it to the pink board. But what I need is someone who will be willing to read my shit and fix my errors... or a Beta, if you will.

I would ask iryokuatae because he's on the most, but I'm already trying to convince him to make me banners for the icontest icons I don't have banners for and I... don't really trust his grammar skills. Just not a strong point...

Also, kigan06, I can do your layout sometime this weekend. Expect sexiness. One thing, though, I don't remember who it was that you wanted... so if you could hook me up with some pictures... a name, band, etc... I'm bad...

And a notice to anyone else in need. I can throw together one or two more layouts aside from the one for kigan06 so if anyone is desperate enough to trust me with designing their journal layout, drop a line here. If you need examples of my work currently being used:
oulan // acony // kpop_uploads
dracoslovebunny // iryokuatae // miyavi_fangirl
moonheejun // nandaio // _dokidoki_
I'm sure I missed someone somewhere... but these should do.
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