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Oh The Humanity

ILoveWooHyukie: I have to ask you a quick question before i get kicked off the computer
Degac Creep: mhmm
ILoveWooHyukie: and its a woohyuk question so i thought i should ask you
Degac Creep: ok
ILoveWooHyukie: its a what is worse kinda thing
ILoveWooHyukie: Woohyuk and Yunho for a fanfic or WooHyuk and Rella for a fanfic?
Degac Creep: *throws up in mouth a bit*
ILoveWooHyukie: heh heh i knew that was coming lol
Degac Creep: are you trying to kill me wth words?
Degac Creep: because, hell, it's working
ILoveWooHyukie: no never!!
ILoveWooHyukie: noooooooo lol
Degac Creep: oh, the visuals
Degac Creep: THE VISUALS
ILoveWooHyukie: LOL i's bad lol
Degac Creep: Woo and the Beast is worse
Degac Creep: just... FYI
ILoveWooHyukie: alright...heh i had a feeling you were going to say that i just had to make sure
Degac Creep: nasty... flavor... in... mouth...
ILoveWooHyukie: heh heh
ILoveWooHyukie: I'm sorry..
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