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Sellout Police

--> The Big Bad Sellout <--
(A tribute made by Liz)

To answer a few questions that will form from watching this:
--> I don't know where the motivation/idea for this came from. It just did.
--> I don't know why I, an avid loather of all things CindaBEAST-related, have that noodles CF.
--> I don't really think H.O.T (or MOST of the people featured in here) are sellouts.
--> ... But they make good CFs and that makes my tribute sexy.
--> Yes, I can name the faces in order of appearance for your convenience: Boa/FTTS, Bi, Micky Park, Kwon Sang Woo, H.O.T, Eric, Se7en, Jang Na Ra, Bi, S, Tei, Dong Bang Shin Gi, Kim Rae Won/Moon Geun Young, H.O.T, Andy, Song Hye Go, CindaBEAST, Se7en, Bi, JTL, Dong Bang Shin Gi, Jo In Sung, Shinhwa, Lee Jihoon
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