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Fandom Wank

I love when I'm on time for fandom wanks. This totally makes up for missing the FM Alchemist comm's Mod Wank earlier this year. And while this wank wasn't as intense... I feel it has potential. But because it doesn't actually have anything to do with the people, instead just the... well... fandom... it has to rank in second on my Preferred Wank list.

It was fandom... and it was wank...

Mmm... That's good... Refreshes the senses.

In other news, Love Letter was great. I didn't post about it the other day because... well... I've been busy playing Sacred and replaying Chrono Cross, so get over it. Woo Hyuk, Jong Dork, and The Myung had me rolling on the floor laughing. They are such dorks. It also got Steph to call Bin a slut, while at the same time fueling her CindaBEAST love... but hey, at least she hates Bin now. I'll work on CindaBEAST another day. *Does a dance* Bin and CindaBEAST deserve each other in their... extremely disturbing to look at kind of way. AND LIZ HAS CLIPS (that she made so don't share them around).

Woo Hyuk - clip - 12.24.2005 LL Dance
Love Letter - clip - JWH, KJM, CMH Dance
Love Letter - clip - Helium

Enjoy those. I'm sure you will.

I'm also actually trying to get more Tony icons done. I appologize for the long pause, but because of the computer issues I was having trouble getting them done then the motivation to start them up again. You can see all the completed ones HERE. And hopefully that holds the Tony fans over for now. I'm also thinking of a new layout for me. Anyone else need a new layout now that I'm graphics-inspired?
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