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More Yunho Photos

And just when you thought I'd stop with the pictures... I didn't. There's even a picture of one of my many H.O.T covered walls in here.

Sometime last night while I was on the phone with iryokuatae. I was trying to get some cute Yunho pictures but the damn cat wasn't cooperating.

... and about five minutes after... he fell asleep.

More sleeping baby.

After I had to move my legs because they fell asleep.

He's actually sleeping on my legs underneath the computer desk. Getting these shots sucked.

Yunho playing with the toy this morning. Again, the backdrop is another of my festive skirts.

More cuteness.

Poor thing couldn't even play without me distracting him.

I think maybe the toilet paper insulted his mother.

Sitting at the top of the stairs looking down at the dog.

Another picture of the mom cat when she went out to beat up the dog in the hall.

The wall next to my bed. Next to Jae is a Kangta poster and under Woo is a JTL one.
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