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Because I'm Tired of the Bitching

This rant brought to you full and uncut so I can get my point across. I guaruntee you will never see this much Liz rant in one place. So everyone read it if you have time.

Usually I'm a pretty calm and accepting person (accept for Woo fans, but let's not try going there for a bit). Even when I'm upset by something I will usually just keep my mouth shut and wait till it boils out of my system. But in this case, I've been fighting the urge to just blow up in this person's face for like... three months... at least. I've more recently taken to just not reading their journal at all until they mentioned the fact that I wouldn't like something they posted... so I had to look. And ever since I've just been... disgusted.

And I'm not going to hide it... this is directed at only one person...
---> YOU <---

I want to start by saying... I don't hate you. There are very few people I hate. There are just some things about you that make it impossible for me to talk to or about you without getting completely fucking pissed out of my nuts. Don't think of this as me trying to start a war... it's not that at all. You just need to understand that in this world there are other people... who have, get this, different opinions. I don't expect you to change... I just figured that if you can spend all your time bitching about things, then I can dedicate one long entry to all your shit. And the reason I'm posting this here instead of on your journal is because I've been informed of your love of deleting comments that you don't like.


Ok, to start... the thing that's been eating away at my brain for like... two days...

Ok, I'm gonna throw three letters at you. HIC. Doing anything? Oh, how about the entire beginning being higher pitched than most of Kangta's music. And I mean... do you even listen to Hee Jun's music? Most of it containes some high pitched piano, high pitched techno shit or, here's one, he uses a fucking lot of violins. I think it's complete horsetit that you can try to use a bullshit excuse like your "ultrasonic superhuman dog-like hearing" instead of simply saying you don't like a person or their music. This has nothing to do with my preferences or biases in people, because god knows I love Xiah and Kangta. I don't give two fucking shits if you don't like them. I'm just angry that you would try to use such a fucking dumbass excuse to write it off like it's nothing.

I'm gonna throw a few more things at you here. "Muse Over The Sunset", "Our Story", "Alone", "The Loss of Sadness", "T.N.T", "Unexpected Farewell", "Human Individual Cloning", "Generous", "Falling Into You", "Longing For You", "My Old Radio", "White Angels", "When Tomorrow Comes" ... You know what these are? Songs off Hee Jun's first two albums that complete fuck your "ultrasonic superhuman dog-like hearing" in the ass. So if you are so certain that the voices of two of the most talented singers over there today hurt you that fucking bad then I suggest you also stop listening to Hee Jun... I'm only thinking about the welfare of your (your quote here) "poor ears". And just for the record, Kangta and Junsu have amazing control over their voices, so I don't know what the fuck you're talking about. You obviously know very little about voice control and pitch...

So, in conclusion... that entry made you look like an ass and people were laughing at you because you tried to show off and failed. Next.



My only real beef here is the fact that you told me not to look. Had you been paying attention to me or hey, maybe even talking to me, you would have noticed that I don't even read your journal because of how offended I get when I do. But you mentioning me made me look. Now, I'm not pissed at what you said. Like I said, I don't give a shit if you like him or not. All the more for me, I say. I'm just upset that you completely trashed on him with your friend, then hopped on your journal and in the same entry called him cute. I'm sorry, my dear, but it doesn't work that way. And this: "ah fuck it, I love her, but my life doesn't revolve around what she thinks" ... Did I ever ask you to revolve your life around me? Ever? In fact, if you had been living your life in such a way prior to this entry, you wouldn't have posted anything a while back bitching about people who hate Yunho or female artists. Hmm... do I smell... contradiction? I also love how you seemed to overnight develop this sort of hate for Yunho. That made me laugh.

And I have to say it, because it's obvious that you are completely dense when it comes to this. Woo Hyuk's dancing is nothing to laugh at. I'd like to see you come up with just one decent routine that comes even halfway close to his dancing genius.



I'm just gonna go with a good, old fashioned "stop talking out of your ass" with this one. First, I'd like to say that I'm rather impressed (sarcasm) with your complete fucking lack of caring about what other people think. It's one thing to have your own opinions... which is fine. It's quite another to tell anyone who thinks differently to quote "keep their fucking mouths shut" or you will ban them regardless of how close you are. Do you realize how fucking bullshit you are? You are opinionated without respecting other people's opinions... and then you expect everyone else to respect your own fucking opinions. It's complete bullshit.

Moving on to Yoshiki. I'm going to say this really slow. You can't bitch about a band associated with a Japanese legend for all their Japanese music. You had to have seen this coming. If you didn't and you still can't accept it, then you're even more idiotic than I previously thought. This line: "Boohiss Yoshiki's RUINING one of my favorite bands! DIEDIEDIE!" is another completely horsetrash quote that I felt like adding. He can't be ruining it because he made them that way from the fucking start. That is what they are, you idiot! They are a Korean group trying to be big in both countries. It was the plan from the get-go. How stupid can you really be? That is The TRAX. That is what they are. Not being able to accept that and still loving the group is just another contradiction added to your already growing list.

Side note: XJapan did not suck. They are legends. The Japanese rock scene would be very different today if not for them. Even if you didn't like them or the music, it would still be great to respect them for the impacts they've had on the industry. Yeah. Thanks.


I have to wrap this up so I'm not going back any more in your journal. Those are the three entries that have been cheesing me off anyway so I don't even need to continue on those. I do, however, have one more thing to bring up. I like to call this one "the running joke".

If you feel that talking to me over AIM will somehow make my virus jump into your system, then don't talk to me on it. Since you told me you weren't talking to me because of the virus, I've directly connected to and have sent files to the computers of amykaidoh01, iryokuatae, kigan06, lee_style and othila_manaz as well as a handful of people not on LJ and can you guess how many of them have been infected. No, go on... guess.

That's right. None. And since you're fucking psycho that way, you're just about as likely to get it commenting to my journal or accepting my comments on yours. Hell, even me talking about you on my own journal may have infected you. Osnap... might want to run a virus scan.

ALSO! And this is very important. I don't want you to think it's personal because it's not, but you aren't doing much as a moderator of kpop_uploads. Do you want to remain a moderator and get your shit in gear or do you just feel like being a member? I'm asking because I don't want to just delete you as a mod if you intend to help us out.

Alright, that's all for Liz.
*Sits back and waits for the fireworks to start*
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