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Damned Fangirls

I don't think I quite thought this through enough before jumping aboard the fangirl wagon once again. Back when I first heard Diru I said to my self, I said, "Self, don't you dare get into this too far. You've never been a raving fangirl, and you'll never be a raving fangirl. These people could kill you with one glance..."

Then came a calm. Diru was all but forgotten in my Suikomind.

Apparantly, I forgot all about it and this time around I got in way too deep. I mean, it's one thing to go about collecting pictures, buying CDs, etc... but as soon as you join a message board that centers on fangirlism, you have truely sold your soul. I mean, it's like a whole new world to experience...

... and fangirls can be mean. I'm saying, you mention Die's hair once and a whole group of them hate you for trying to "steal him away". I'm really kind of scared...
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