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Jae is a woman

Degac Creep: my father is vaccuuming the floor
Degac Creep: and all the babies are freaking out
AmyKaidoh01: awww
Degac Creep: Kangta
Degac Creep: I tried to pet him
Degac Creep: and he ran across the bed with his ass between his legs
AmyKaidoh01: heehee
Degac Creep: and Jae won't let go of my leg
AmyKaidoh01: awwww
AmyKaidoh01: *huggles kitties*
Degac Creep: of course I just had a visual of tall man Jae clinging to my leg
AmyKaidoh01: what a nice visual that would be too
Degac Creep: crying like a woman
AmyKaidoh01: hehehhe
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