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Damn you, file transfers

So, my connection is balls today...

Degac Creep: this will take about two years
TheSadLetter07: maybe by the second coming of christ
Degac Creep: and it'll be worth it
Degac Creep: dude
Degac Creep: I'd want his autograph so bad
TheSadLetter07: whose?
Degac Creep: Christ <.<
TheSadLetter07: hehe
Degac Creep: I'd be like "CHRIST! SIGN MY BOOBIES!"
Degac Creep: *flashes*
TheSadLetter07: *cracks up*
TheSadLetter07: *stares*
Degac Creep: and he'd do it
TheSadLetter07: great, now im looking
Degac Creep: because he's Christ
TheSadLetter07: he'd do it
Degac Creep: and he'd heal me while he was at it
Degac Creep: then I'd go online like
Degac Creep: "zomg !!!1!! jezuzz tuched mah teets"
TheSadLetter07: lol!
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