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A Chatlog of HATE

Degac Creep: oh my god
Degac Creep: watched it!
well..u-kno was soo hot there!
he dance sooo gud...i think he's better dan woohyuk..lolz.

Degac Creep: Yunho fans
Degac Creep: I hate them
BlackInAzkaban: where the fuck did that come from?
Degac Creep: dbsg board... up until that comment it was all "Ah, I love Yunho and Woo Hyuk was hot too" and I settled with it and decided not to pick at it like "you should have said Woo Hyuk first" becase I would have killed them either way
BlackInAzkaban: you need to yell at them
BlackInAzkaban: because for one, they cant spell
Degac Creep: Yah, Yunho and Woohyuk together, thanx
Degac Creep: ok
Degac Creep: I can NOT be the only person completely turned off by this idea
Degac Creep: i want to see woohyuk and yunho wrestle!!!woo!
Degac Creep: I don't
Degac Creep: oh I do NOT want that
BlackInAzkaban: I dont want it

It's decided. We do not want Yunho to wrestle with Woo Hyuk.
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