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Three-Way... hmmm...

So I started the Love Letter with Yunho and Woo Hyuk... yes I finally got the balls... and the stomach... and I thought all was going good... I was getting into it and everything. Then it happened...

Woo Hyuk started out and I was like "WOOO HE'S DANCING AGAIN!" But he wasn't alone. *Serious face* It came with him. *Closes eyes* And it touched him.

But, fuck (heh, butt fuck), even I can't deny that it was very fucking sexy. In fact, I think I can easily say its one of the sexiest things I have ever seen (aside from anything else involving Woo Hyuk in any way)... not as sexy a thing as I could imagine to happen... but still...

And because I may not even finish the show... and definately won't keep it in the computer... I made myself a clip. If you take it, do not redistribute... or so help me god, I will kill you. I'm serious. DO NOT give this to any of your friends, family, enemies, or anyone else.

Love Letter - clip - Sexy Three-Way Dance

And, because I'm like how I am, can you people not see how very much better Woo Hyuk is at everything than Yunho? This show was just what I needed.

... But you just fucking know it's going to fuel some Yunho fans who still believe he's better. Especially if it gets worse for Woo Hyuk in the show (like I said, I haven't actually watched it).
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