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Degac Creep: I hate this week of waiting between X-Man episodes
k a x x i i: ugh, yes
Degac Creep: it kills me a little more every time
k a x x i i: it's beyond frustrating
Degac Creep: and they need to get Miss Shin back on that fucking show
k a x x i i: I probably know who that is, but not the name
k a x x i i: OH
k a x x i i: Yes, I know who you're talking about
k a x x i i: brain lapse
Degac Creep: yeah
Degac Creep: I've been in need of a Miss Shin fix
Degac Creep: I recently relocated Shinnago's "Because You Are Pretty" MV and ever since I've been wanting some Miss Shin action
k a x x i i: ah ha that's great
Degac Creep: plus, Jae Suk is in that video and that makes it win
k a x x i i: fuck yeah.
k a x x i i: can't go wrong with him.
Degac Creep: so you put Miss Shin and Jae Suk together and its like watching an X-Man show... except Miss Shin is singing... and all the MCs are acting like homosexuals...
k a x x i i: ah ha omg
k a x x i i: that's pretty great ah ha
k a x x i i: one of the best mental images I've had in a while
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