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I don't know who is worse off... me or him...

JangTonyAhnLee: I find you to be coooolll daddio
Degac Creep: *pulls out little Woo Hyuk notebook* must... get... wierder *puts it away*
JangTonyAhnLee: hahah
JangTonyAhnLee: omg the image I just had of that was so cute
JangTonyAhnLee: haha
JangTonyAhnLee: a lil SD Liz
JangTonyAhnLee: pulling out this adorable Woo Hyuk head shaped spiral notebook
JangTonyAhnLee: with this big fat pencil
JangTonyAhnLee: omg
JangTonyAhnLee: haha
JangTonyAhnLee: heheheheeh
Degac Creep: ... no
Degac Creep: it would be a Tony pen
JangTonyAhnLee: Ok a Tony Pen
Degac Creep: good
JangTonyAhnLee: to review
JangTonyAhnLee: a lil SD Liz, pulling out a adorable Woo Hyuk head shaped spiral notebook with a fucking adorable matching Tony Pen
Degac Creep: right
Degac Creep: perfect
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