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Here's #2 (In a Row)

Took like forty minutes to download.

Degac Creep: not... downloading... fast... enough....
I dokidoki I: How much time left?
Degac Creep: 43 minutes
Degac Creep: for a six and a half meg file
Degac Creep: thats so not right
Degac Creep: every time its a new Woo Hyuk file it does this
Degac Creep: like it knows what its doing to me
I dokidoki I: 56k? =/
Degac Creep: no
Degac Creep: dude
Degac Creep: I have cable
I dokidoki I: o_O; That is very odd
Degac Creep: yeah
Degac Creep: if this was a Tony clip, I'd already have it
I dokidoki I: Your computer has WooHyuk logged in its bad files list or something XD
Degac Creep: that makes me cry

Woo Hyuk - clip - D-10 (08.29.2005)

This is beautiful. Look at the chest. THE CHEST. LOOK AT IT. No wonder he waited until the very last moment to show that shit to us. I hate him and I love him.
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