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Chatlog of love

I know I just updated but... get over it

JangTonyAhnLee: ahah, my friend said Woo's name wrong last night, and I slapped her arm for you
Degac Creep: jesus, how can you fuck that up?
JangTonyAhnLee: she got the last part wrong
JangTonyAhnLee: she made is sound like puke on hyuuuke
Degac Creep: ... *horror*
Degac Creep: thats... that's just not right
Degac Creep: you used puke in the same sentence that you were referring to Woo Hyuk
JangTonyAhnLee: well I had to describe how it sounded
JangTonyAhnLee: sorry master *bows*
Degac Creep: how about "luke" "duke" of "fluke"??
Degac Creep: why puke??
JangTonyAhnLee: I couldnt think of anything else master *bows againg* please dont harm me
Degac Creep: ... I won't harm you
Degac Creep: damn, am I THAT scary?
JangTonyAhnLee: when it comes to the sex machine.. yes
Degac Creep: ... oh
Degac Creep: well... carry on
JangTonyAhnLee: lol
JangTonyAhnLee: thanks professor? lol
JangTonyAhnLee: you sounded like a professor
Degac Creep: ... I'm sorry
JangTonyAhnLee: it's ok
JangTonyAhnLee: it was chuckle worthy
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