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You've heard the term "box" before right?

JangTonyAhnLee: OMG!
JangTonyAhnLee: it looks like Tony is getting blown
Degac Creep: yeah and think how that must hurt when someone jumps on the line there
JangTonyAhnLee: uea
Degac Creep: complete battering ram action to the crotch, man
JangTonyAhnLee: I dont need to think.. I know
Degac Creep: I don't know, but one time I got booted in the box by a concrete slab
Degac Creep: thats about as close as I'll get to knowing
JangTonyAhnLee: booted in the box? now that's a tern you can coin as your own
Degac Creep: well, as long as you know what I meant
JangTonyAhnLee: *tries not to die laughing at the terminology*
Degac Creep: hey
Degac Creep: I say things as they come
JangTonyAhnLee: I know
JangTonyAhnLee: but omg it was hilarious
Degac Creep: *pouts*
Degac Creep: I think I'll speak in normal english from now on
JangTonyAhnLee: well it was funny!
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