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I watched the first episode of a drama called "Dae Jang Geum" or "Jewel in the Palace" and it's pretty bad ass. I guess there's like 54 episodes in total. I also found that AZN TV has been showing it. That kinda cheeses me off because I haven't watched anything on that channel in some time. So I downloaded the second episode and I plan to watch it later. I also need to finish Loveholic. I saw up to episode 10 then my computer died and I never got a chance until now to finish it. I think I'll work on that tonight.

I watched the movie "Sex is Zero" and I almost died laughing. That shit is so fucking funny. That dude has the worst fucking luck. I uploaded the movie to my Clubbox, and here's the links if you're interested:
Sex is Zero
It's in Korean, just FYI. And there's like... three hot dudes. And it is completely rated R for like every reason.

And I made a new avatar and signature for myself for Audrey... because a lot of the people who go there aren't into kpop... and so what did I choose to do? Force it on them... duh...

And hey, check out my cute as fuck Jae Won icon that I made for an icontest but didn't win. *Points to icon*
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