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Tony Layout

March 23rd: Switched from Jae Won layout to Minwoo and Eric layout
April 9th: Switched from Minwoo and Eric layout to Jae Won... of a different flavor...
May 5th: This is worth my while... a full group H.O.T layout... and BLUE.
May 18th: Mamushi love. The first PoT layout in at least a year.
June 4th: Big red BLEACH! My, my... Bleach is taking over.
July 13th: Five tries is not kinda funny. Kang Jung Woo.
July 14th: A new record. Less than 24 hours and now we have Tony.

I know. I'm sad. But last night as I was finishing up miyavi_fangirl's Tony layout (which is really just kigan06's layout but with a monkey twist), I suddenly had this severe urge to have one of my own. So I took the idea I had been stewing for her layout last night before I said fuck it and did the monkey one and made the kitty one for myself. I think the most unfortunate part of it all is I spent less than half the time I spent on my last layout on this one... and this one came out much better. Plus, orange kicks the shit out of purple every day of the week. I finally changed the comment link text... for the first time in over a year it is no longer "Press Play" and "Songs" ... I didn't go far from that, but I did spice it up a bit. And I plan to fuck around with my dates later on. And maybe the text.
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