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If you are planning on watching/reading Bleach and haven't gotten to episode 34/chapter 100 yet and do not like spoilers, I think you should skip this entry

... I couldn't wait any longer for the episodes, so I went the way of the manga. I was like (SPOILER) "AIZEN DEAD!? DAMMIT AND I JUST STARTED TO LIKE HIM!!" and then, you know, I wanted to know who did it because my very first thought was Gin... because EVERY ONE OF MY FAVORITE CHARACTERS IN ANYTHING I LIKE ENDS UP DYING OR GOING TO PRISON OR SOMETHING so really when I said I liked Urahara, Gin, Shuuhei, and Renji I pretty much fucked everything over for them... plus Hitsu was trash talking the third division and said something was up with them... so it's entirely possible...

ANYWAY, I needed to know how that turned out so I went to the mangas that have been sitting in my computer longer than the series *cough* and I am so glad I have the next like five volumes... because now I can't stop reading them. The episode for next week is gonna come out and I'm gonna be like "dude, why is this so far behind!?". Bleach junkie? Me? Naw.

And this:

Ok the fuck did my division 3 icon run off to...
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