Liz, yo (oulan) wrote,
Liz, yo


I'm all caught up on Bleach... which means I sacrificed like four hours last night watching all the episodes I missed. But it was all good because, well... 1. the episodes rocked, 2. while explaining to psyhco_bunnie the outcome of the fight I was still watching based on typical anime show flow, I was able to get some choice Renji screencaps that I plan to use for icons in the near future. And talking about Renji got me talking about the only two more badass characters in the show... I speak, of course, of Ichimaru and Urahara. And one thing led to another and this happened:

Yeah. Ichimaru. Cute, right? Yeah.

And heh... at the end of the newer episodes, during the end theme, they show little smidgens of different characters doing their things... and I was watching the one at the end of 32 and... dudes, there's a guy with the number 69 on his face. Now, I tried... I really tried not to think about it sexually... but jesus fucking christ the man has it right there on his cheek.

See it: HERE
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