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Yes, the variation in my fandoms scares me, too.

BlackInAzkaban: did you hang it?
Degac Creep: yes
BlackInAzkaban: the poster not the note
Degac Creep: its placement is a little... odd
Degac Creep: its right up to the ceiling in the middle of Digimon, Yu Gi Oh and my massive hanging collection of Game Informer covers
BlackInAzkaban: lol
BlackInAzkaban: it should be in your face
BlackInAzkaban: like tony is to me
Degac Creep: I have Woo Hyuk, JTL, and Jae Won waking me up every morning
Degac Creep: and if I sleep a little lower on the bed, Kangta too
BlackInAzkaban: lol
BlackInAzkaban: I need a sexy kangta poster
Degac Creep: and if I'm in the opposite direction I've got Hee Jun, Toshiya, and Ben Jelen waking me up
BlackInAzkaban: and a fucking hawt JTL one
Degac Creep: Ben Jelen... mmmm....
Degac Creep: all I want to do is... spank that boy... I think that might be kinda sick, but its all I think about
BlackInAzkaban: haha
BlackInAzkaban: well you're perverted
BlackInAzkaban: we all knew that
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