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It's that time... the birthday time...

Degac Creep: my mother says she's worried about me
Degac Creep: she said that she thinks that I have an obsession with the number 35
Degac Creep: and I'm thinking about it now.. and yeah, I do
BlackInAzkaban: heheh
Degac Creep: *worried face*
BlackInAzkaban: yeah the person under the number 35
BlackInAzkaban: ^_^
Degac Creep: I mean, it's fucking everywhere
Degac Creep: my last four AIM icons had Hyuk and some form of 35 blinking or flashing or... something...
Degac Creep: and the banner for his birthday...
Degac Creep: *cough*
Degac Creep: god, I need help
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