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... anyone have a dream book handy?

Degac Creep: I don't think my mind could decide if I was male or female in my dream just now
Degac Creep: for half of the dream, I was some old-fashioned sexy rich guy living in like... France
Degac Creep: I had this huge garage with like 27 cars
Degac Creep: and my wife was HOT
Degac Creep: and I loved her a lot
BlackInAzkaban: lol
Degac Creep: and then some of the army guys nearby shot each other, right
Degac Creep: so we were like "shit shit let's get out of here"
Degac Creep: and then, as I was carrying my hot wife up the stairs in the garage, some bitch comes up and shoots my wife in the face
Degac Creep: and I was in so much shock that I couldn't cry
BlackInAzkaban: ok
BlackInAzkaban: you need to lay off the cocaine

Degac Creep: and then we went back down to our little war bunker
Degac Creep: and I couldn't let her go so I just kept holding her like she was a little kitten or something
Degac Creep: and there were these two dudes, army dudes I think, but one of them was a little boy who wore cat ears
Degac Creep: and the other was this bitchin' buff dude who had been friends with me my whole life
Degac Creep: and I was like "dudes, we need to get out of here"
Degac Creep: and the big dude was like "I'll carry your wife, sir"
Degac Creep: and I gave her to him, but the hole in her head was gone
Degac Creep: and the little boy was like "will she be alright? is she just sleeping?"
Degac Creep: so I was like "she got shot in the head" and started to cry
Degac Creep: and the big dude was like "she's breathing ,sir" but she wouldn't wake up
Degac Creep: so we went back to my garage and when we got to the top, I turned to them and the little boy had turned into a little girl and the big dude was this huge ass tall chick
Degac Creep: still holding my wife, though
Degac Creep: and we were picking which car we wanted to use and the huge ass tall bitch picked out the one with Kangta throw pillows in the back seat
Degac Creep: I think maybe, just maybe, I woke up somewhere in the middle there
Degac Creep: and my mind decided it wanted to go into a fangirl dream, but could not yet let go of the old one
BlackInAzkaban: ok can I get the name of your dealer? it sounds like some good shit
BlackInAzkaban: ^_~
Degac Creep: so the end of the dream was just me and them driving away from our big estare in old fashioned France in my old fashioned France-like car
Degac Creep: and my wife was waking up

My wife looked like Juliette Lewis with this long beautiful brown hair...

Degac Creep: oh man, she had this hair
Degac Creep: this long beautiful brown hair
Degac Creep: I was like *fanboy swoon*
Degac Creep: I was fanboying over my own wife
BlackInAzkaban: lol
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