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"I figured out which Poster I'm going to liz.. because Woo is wearing something she LOVES on him.. but I cant tell her it's a surprise"

*Has a heart attack*

He's giving me the sexiest H.O.T poster.

You see, THIS is why I need a whole lot of H.O.T fans to talk to me constantly. Because I never know when one of them will get an assload of H.O.T gear and feel like sharing. So spread the word. Send them to me. But no Woo Hyuk fans. I eat those for lunch. I can't deal with people trying to compete with me.

You see, that's the difference between Toshiya and Woo Hyuk. Toshiya I don't mind sharing... but I will share Hyuk with NOBODY.

... So yeah, iryokuatae is love for being so beautiful to me.

PS, it's going to look VERY sexy up next to Kangta and Hee Jun and JTL and... *looks at wall* It'll be sexy.
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