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From two seperate conversations about Kangta.. placed in time order.

MitsukakeOfLove: many. Can I get Kangta's ....Persona pv?
Degac Creep: ... *odd look* if you really want it, yes
MitsukakeOfLove: which pv is better O.o
Degac Creep: neither, man
Degac Creep: Kangta sucks
MitsukakeOfLove: I need to hear some of Kangta's solo stuff
MitsukakeOfLove: lol
Degac Creep: you really don't, but I'll humor you
BlackInAzkaban: lol
MitsukakeOfLove: -bows- I must satisfy this curiosity of mine XD
Degac Creep: famous last words
MitsukakeOfLove: Hopefully I won't regret them

BlackInAzkaban: I think I had one kangta song that I liked and I cant remember the name of it
Degac Creep: I dont think there were any
Degac Creep: that's it
Degac Creep: I'm loading all three disks up

Degac Creep: ok this one sounds like it might be pretty
Degac Creep: ... or from the Sims
BlackInAzkaban: hahaha
BlackInAzkaban: I love sims music...
Degac Creep: nope, more fucking jazz
Degac Creep: he tricked me

Degac Creep: ok this one sounds very H.O.T - esque
Degac Creep: only no Tony to start it out
MitsukakeOfLove: lol
Degac Creep: ... and only Kangta *nasty flavor in mouth*

So I'm reviewing his music... and I've found like two songs total that I can stand... I'm sorry Kangta, I love you and all... but your solo music blows... and it's just not going to change...

Also, I started thinking about my Woo Hyuk mood theme. This leaves me Toshiya and Karou themes unused. if Anyone is interested, I still have the code and images for at least the Toshiya one that I can give you, but you will have to upload the images to your own host.
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