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What's with the ending of Master and Commander? Are they trying to piss me off? I only watched like, the second half of it but I plan to watch the whole thing later today as part of the BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION.

You fuckers better not have forgotten what day it is. What fucking day it is!! Just in case you've let it slip your mind, as I'm sure you have, it's Jae Won's birthday today. I want to see banners. I know you people make graphics... I'm attacked by them every time I go onto my friends page. I'm putting one together as we speak... And I still have to bake cake...

And I made the two icons I'm contributing to the kmusic icontest. The theme was like "what the fuck? who thinks up this shit?" but I have them all set and... maybe I'll check them out when I get up so I can see what I did wrong in my drowsy state.

Oh, and I've been playing Pokemon Leaf Green. I remember back in the day... beating Pokemon Blue... *sigh* Good times. I'm playing it because I was a Pokemon freak way back when and after the first 151 I just... hated them all... so being able to play the originals all brand and spanking fresh is awesome.
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