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Nerd Line

So I called them.

Read it here:

Convo bits before and after:

BlackInAzkaban: I love Star Wars ^_^
BlackInAzkaban: I'd do the same thing I was there
Degac Creep: I want to call
Degac Creep: *looks at phone*
BlackInAzkaban: lol
BlackInAzkaban: do it
BlackInAzkaban: lol
Degac Creep: Oh I so want to call
BlackInAzkaban: *is calling*
BlackInAzkaban: it doesnt work
BlackInAzkaban: it hangs up on you
Degac Creep: aw

Degac Creep: ill brb
BlackInAzkaban: kk

*some time passes*

Degac Creep: omg I just got off the phone with them
BlackInAzkaban: hahah..
BlackInAzkaban: you called?
BlackInAzkaban: hahahah
BlackInAzkaban: hahahahaha
BlackInAzkaban: omg I hurt
Degac Creep: they were saying shit like usually people call and make fun of them
Degac Creep: and they thought it was awesome that I was nice
Degac Creep: and gave me their aim name
Degac Creep: cause I guess there's a nerd there with a laptop or something
BlackInAzkaban: haha
BlackInAzkaban: I wish I was there getting to see it
BlackInAzkaban: lol
BlackInAzkaban: I've been dying for this one for 2 years now
Degac Creep: oh man, he asked where I had seen the number and I told him on LiveJournal and he was like "we're on livejournal?" and this chorus of "We're on livejournal!" came from somewhere behind him or something
Degac Creep: it was great
BlackInAzkaban: lol

PsychoVampBunnie: o_o;;; omg *ded*
PsychoVampBunnie: I'd be scared to call them XD
Degac Creep: it was the most awesome thing
Degac Creep: they sounded really professional so I was like "uh is this the nerd line?"
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