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I doubt there's much about my personality that surprises you people anymore. And with that in mind, I want you all to view this:

I want to have sex to this song

I saw it lasy night and keep going back.

It's her fingers. O.O

Degac Creep: I'm watching that keytar chick again
PsychoVampBunnie: O_O CLOSE IT
Degac Creep: I want to have sex to that song
PsychoVampBunnie: /)_(\ rough sex
Degac Creep: most likely
PsychoVampBunnie: close it close it *hits with newspaper*
PsychoVampBunnie: stop the abuse ;o;
Degac Creep: but but
PsychoVampBunnie: close *smack smack*
Degac Creep: *closes*
Degac Creep: ....
Degac Creep: *opens*
PsychoVampBunnie: *SMACK*
PsychoVampBunnie: ;O; BAD LIZ
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