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Some chatlogs to spice up the night

BlackInAzkaban: I have more downloading
Degac Creep: awesome
Degac Creep: sexy
Degac Creep: awesome
BlackInAzkaban: only two though..
Degac Creep: two is two and more than one and more than none
Degac Creep: if that made sense than yes
Degac Creep: yes I do
BlackInAzkaban: haha

Oulan's Insight: *drool* JTL CLIPS.... *drool* More yes please, right there... oh yeah...

Svvord HoIder: can u send me a pic of you
Degac Creep: yeah
Svvord HoIder: Cool
Svvord HoIder: So send it
Degac Creep: *insert hot ass picture of me here*
Svvord HoIder: Standing up..... lol
Degac Creep: I've got really only... oh wait...
Degac Creep: *insert picture of me loving the tree here*
Degac Creep: eh heh heh
Svvord HoIder: Nice tree
Degac Creep: it loves me

Oulan's Insight: That tree picture rocks. To amuse the audience members, I'll include it here:
The Tree Loving
And yes, that is the first time in the years that I've had this journal that a picture of me has ever been seen here.

BlackInAzkaban: lol
BlackInAzkaban: I had the biggest urge to just watch Gackt and JTL today
BlackInAzkaban: lol

Oulan's Insight: I... I can not believe those are in the same sentence. Isn't that like... a crime?

To appear here for me to deface, make fun, and overall jab viciously at your comments, just IM me *shit eating grin*
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