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I hate people on SoulSeek

[*(mizzie)*] i have eletricuted myself 4 times
[Vertical Drop] on purpose?
[klaha] O_O
[*(mizzie)*] stucking my fingers in plug sockets
[anime kaze] lol
[Vertical Drop] dude... that's stupid
[*(mizzie)*] unscerwing light bulbs and stucking my fingers in that
[*(mizzie)*] i was little and mental
[*(mizzie)*] i still am mental
[Vertical Drop] any lasting effects?
[*(mizzie)*] yep
[*(mizzie)*] hyperactivness
[anime kaze] ......
[Vertical Drop] <.<
[Vertical Drop] I meant like brain damage

I'm Vertical Drop for those of you not yet informed of the ways of me and my files always being up for grabs on SoulSeek.
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