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Chatlog... cut for content.

Degac Creep: <.<
Hawaiian Hoodlum: wat?
Degac Creep: I'm wondering what to call the Hee Jun / Woo Hyuk thing... its... really starting to bother me
Degac Creep: JunHyuk? HeeHyuk? JunWoo? HeeWoo?
Hawaiian Hoodlum: ....
Hawaiian Hoodlum: HeeWoo
Hawaiian Hoodlum: problem solved
Degac Creep: and then if you add the last names you've got like forty new possibilities
Degac Creep: well... really only six
Degac Creep: or four
Degac Creep: or something
Hawaiian Hoodlum: HeeWoo
Hawaiian Hoodlum: ...
Degac Creep: MoonHyuk? MoonWoo? WooMoon? HyukMoon? JangMoon? MoonJang?
Hawaiian Hoodlum: dem two dudes
Degac Creep: JangHee? JangJun? JunJang? HeeJang?
Degac Creep: yes
Degac Creep: two dudes
Hawaiian Hoodlum: "fans of dem two dudes" call it that untill corrected
Degac Creep: ... there are five dudes, man
Degac Creep: nobody will know
Degac Creep: plus there's the tank and the tree
Hawaiian Hoodlum: dem five dudes
Hawaiian Hoodlum: dem five dudes a tank and a tree
Degac Creep: yeah, those JaeTank and JunTree pictures amuse me

I love talking to people who have no clue about what I'm talking about. I get no closure and they get confused... FEH.

... but seriously what the fuck is that couple called?

Oh yeah, and two days until that bitch's birthday. I suppose I should make a graphuc. Hee Jun <3
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