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Upload Frenzy

So I've been uploading for kpop_uploads since I posted my album list at about 7 this morning... at least I think that's what time it was... holy shit what time is it!? Oh man (come on), I have got to get some sleep at some point. All I have left is three albums that I shouldn't start now because my mother takes over the computer when she's in the house and she'll be home any minute...

And I found that recently I skip the space bar sometimes. That kind of upsets me. Two words will just run on and I won't notice until it is way too late.

The current Unposted But Done icon count for me is 10. 4 Hee Jun, 4 Kangta, 1 Kyo, and 1 Cupid... from Xena, bitches. I haven't watched that show in forever. Ok, the point is, I need reason to make more stuff and that list is sad so I want suggestions in the form of questions and questions in the form of riddles.

EDIT: Oh, and on a side note, Taebin has a big fucking head.

Thank you, LJ. We love you. GOOD NIGHT!
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