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About that time again

I'm not feeling the Tony layout anymore. The last one was Moon Hee Jun, before that JTL, before that Eric, before that Se7en, before that Hyde, before that Fullmetal Alchemist, and before that Tetsu... There were quite a bit more than that but that's as far back as I have the strength to go. I will never ask someone to make me a layout... because I love getting praise when I make my own... but for real, I need at least a suggestion or a color scheme or a general theme... OR FUCKING SOMETHING. With my icon muse, so went any chance of me ever making a good graphic again. Oh, except this new Hee Jun icon some of you may have seen floating around various icon communities in the last hour as I posted my last batch o' shit. I am completely drained of anything good or decent looking.

What the fuck was I saying?

Oh yeah, suggestions please. What would you like to see when I announce my next layout change? And no sarcasm from the little people, please. You know who you are.
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