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Chatlog AND Story

How's that for a double whammy?

Degac Creep: the JTL cd I never got around to buying arrived here a few days ago
Objectivistic: o.O
Degac Creep: the events that followed went kinda like this:
Degac Creep: I went to the mailbox to get the mail and there it was, all wrapped and beautiful with my name on the front of the itty package. I freaked mid-steet and gave the neighbors a good few minutes of laughter before dashing across the lawn, through the snow and up the front stairs before colliding into the wall on the other side of the door and giving myself a sizely bump
Degac Creep: then I slid (wet feet) across the living room floor and almost tore the DVD player open
Objectivistic: ¬.¬
Degac Creep: That shit was in that player so fucking fast
Degac Creep: Afterwards, once it was playing, I noticed that not all the plastic was off the case and I wondered how the hell I got the disk out and had to go back over the opening of the cd... it didn't add up
Objectivistic: o.O
Degac Creep: Then I passed out on the floor while the cd ran through a few times until my sister came home and found me there, still wearing my shoes, earmuffs and giant fourth of july hat
Degac Creep: god, that day was so fucking sexy
Objectivistic: You passed out!?
Degac Creep: well
Degac Creep: not like fainted
Degac Creep: like, fell over in ultimate pleasure and didn't move
Degac Creep: but I was awake because I remember singing to most of the songs
Degac Creep: ...a few times...
Degac Creep: with pretty little visions of Woo Hyuk dancing in my head
Objectivistic: @_@
Degac Creep: yeah
Degac Creep: like that
Objectivistic: *laugh*
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