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Woe Is Me

Ever since Charlotte made off with my Tony cd, I can't seem to settle with anything as a replacement. I had that disk in the stereo for like three weeks or something and it was never turned off. It was comforting to know that every time I walked into or even past my room I'd get a taste of that beautiful music... BUT NOW ALL IS LOST! OH CRUEL WORLD! I don't want to listen to it from the computer... IT MUST BE THE DISK! COME BACK TO ME TONY! *Slams head on desk* TOOOONNNNYYYYY! *Slams head again* I want to go to sleep at night to Blue Sky. *Slams head again* And wake up to that one with the really long name that would have taken less time to write out than this line, but who cares. *Slams head again* To..... ny....
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