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I totally forgot to mention that I had gone to see Cursed on Friday. Wow, it must really have sucked if I couldn't even remember to post about it. Ok, let's see if I can give a brief run-down here. It wasn't nearly as scary as I wanted it to be. I mean, I can be really pathetic when it comes to horror films and this was... just not that scary. I feel the need to shame myself again by mentioning The Ring and how I was clawing at the person sitting next to me when she climbed out of the tv. I was almost completely in their lap. That movie scared the shit out of me. But, no, I did nothing like that at Cursed. I even ate all my snack foods (smuggled in from Dollar Tree, o' course) and I never eat all my snack foods at scary movies.

And what's all this bullshit with yousendit? Should I be worried about my sad collection of MP3s or what? I mean, how bad will I suffer if I keep using it to post my awesome stuff in my awesome community? (There was so much ego in that last sentence... I can't even handle it... XD) I like youshareit more anyway, so feh.

And I think I may have convinced a friend to sell me her JTL 1st CD.... for like 6 bucks. I am a sleazy bitch sometimes. Ok and where the fuck are my posters? Ordered that shit like... a week and a half ago. I am a very impatient kind of person. I need new H.O.T stuff periodically to keep my blood flowing and if these posters don't get here soon I'm going to... well... die. Blood flowing = staying alive, you see. Soon enough my walls will be completely plastered with H.O.T beauty and then I'll start in on the hallway. Heh, I just realized that Spike (Cowboy Bebop) picture is still on the bathroom door. My family puts up with so much of my wierdo bullshit... I love them.

Still sick.

And uh... Hyuk's smile to wrap up this otherwise really boring and whiney entry:

Steph says she doesn't like his smile. Says its really creepy. I think I should kill her in her sleep.
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