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Wow. This is a first. A Lena chatlog... Wow.

Degac Creep: heh, that banner was such a bitch to do
Degac Creep: it looked so good until I added the second layer of Sasuke ... cause his scarf and hair were killing me... like twice I took the eraser brush and whiped him out completely in frustration
SwordObsessed: x_x
Degac Creep: I was like "stupid ninjas and all their.... stuff..."
SwordObsessed: I like it though. It makes Sasuke look almost sexy.
Degac Creep: I always thought he was sexy.... sadly...
SwordObsessed: lol
Degac Creep: <.< maybe thats because of my fanart collection
Degac Creep: because uh... I also find Quincy to be a choice piece of Suikoden I ass
SwordObsessed: XD
SwordObsessed: Well, fanart can do that, I guess.
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