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YES. Mother fucking YES. This is the layout of the gods. Heh, that statement works on two levels, actually... Anyway, as I was saying... I, after many months of trying and failing to make a decent Woo Hyuk layout, it is finally complete. Of course... it also has the ever-talented Tony Ahn and the... uh... "multi-special" Jae Won (yeah, I was having trouble coming up with a positive way to describe the man) but the point is, it has the Woo and, let's face it, that is really all that matters right about now.

And because the Woo Hyuk banner in my userinfo has "Said the Spider to the Fly" lyrics in it, I thought I should go for a theme here... and so that's where the lyrics come from. And I'd like to thank shinyasangel because if she hadn't mentioned the Tony/Hyuk love this morning I never would have gone into my JTL folder and this layout never would have been made. So... thanks.

Oh, yeah, I should mention for those of you who have no idea who I'm talking about yet, the layout is of the group JTL.

And that's all I have to say about the layout.
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