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Heh... Minwoo in the morning

So here's what me and Steph did this morning.

I atarted passing down to her my icon-making skills and she made me three icons while I slept. I told her befoe going to sleep that she should make me a Minwoo icon because its a good place to start and a little later on she was ragging on how Kangta was ugly so I said she could make one of him too so she could get used to his "ugly face". So, by the time I woke up three hours later, she had made one Minwoo, one Kangta, and one FABULOUS and SEXY icon of Tony Ahn and Hee Jun kissing. We had a few moments of happy looking at it. I can't post them in this entry because I don't have her permission, but just know they're pretty good for her first time using my PSP 7 and Pixia for icons.

Then, I let her sit in the computer chair and I sat on the bed while we watched Minwoo's "Just One Night" MV. Those who know me and/or have been over here know it is usually very different. I never watch from behind... but I realized how easily I let her have Minwoo and just let her sit there watching it. Actually, we ended up watching it three times through.

Then she says that I should screen cap it... so I did. *grin* I couldn't help it. Aside from the fact that my copy of the video is complete and utter assballs, they came out pretty good. So, these are dedicated to her. I thought I should share, because everyone loves the Minwoo. Ok, maybe not everybody, but everyone damn well should. I mean, the man is amazing. Heh, there I go again.


Someone should make me a Minwoo icon.
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