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Last night, when I made my post about Dongwan... because yes, I am no longer a closet Shinhwa fan... I can honestly say now that I am a full-on Shinhwa fanatic and say it with only mild disgust... hee. Anyway... last night when I made that entry, my sister told me that I should post it with a Dongwan icon and I realized something horrible was going on. The only Shinhwa icon I had was Eric. So this morning when I got up, the plan was to make myself a Dongwan icon. Sadly, as my stories involving my intentions with graphics go, things went completely wrong and I ended up with two icons: one of Andy and one of Hyesung. *Shakes head* I don't know how these things happen. Anyway, the point is, I have two new icons that I'm not posting on acony yet becaue I'm waiting for a big update and I only have 7 icons right now... so I should get cracking. And here they are:

Oh yeah... and... return of the mother fucking mordacious icon! bahahahahaha! I love this icon.
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