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More on this crap.

Spoils... a lot of them. I am shameless.

The Ups and Downs of SIV since the last time I bitched:

- Keneth and Paula. They rock. They skipped out on their country for me.
- Spanky Shorts. They kick the shit out of most of the other costumes in this game.
- Chiepoo's voice. *Squishes him*
- Nekobolds in general. They run like dorf offs, but I love dork offs.
- The way Keneth slashes in battle. Is it too early to say I love him?
- The way Keneth makes fun of Lilin. "Okay?" That voice... it slays me.
- The entire Kingdom of Obel. Rocks my socks, it does.
- Troy. Troy's sword. Troy's voice. Troy's attitude... Troy.

- Snowe. SNOWE. SNOWE. What the fuck? I was lead to believe he'd be awesome. He is such a pussy ass pathetic mother fucker. I want him dead. I hope I get to kill him. I want to stab him in the face.
- Keneth runs like a sissy girl.
- I saw Gary (anyone remember that little thing I put together for OFG about himand Breck?) UGH. MAKE IT STOP.
- Dude, Tristan is locked IN A FUCKING BARN. I saw him in Obel. I went up to this barn door and he says from within, and I quote, "I'm dying". SOMEONE GET HIM OUT OF THE FUCKING BARN.
- I'd like to take a moment to mention Snowe again. HE FUCKING SUCKS.
- APPARANTLY I've been saying Leknaat's name wrong. I know this because the bitch showed up in the hero's room in the dead of night and announced her name. I kind of just paused the game and hit myself for saying her name wrong all this time.
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