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Parts from a Kingdom Hearts 2 message board:

Person 1: I wonder who they will get for ther U.S. voice's ?.?
Person 2: Maybe the remaining members of nsync...
Person 1: omg. gawd please no. I was pretty cool with all the voices for KH but lance bass for seph. Why square why :'(
Person 3: It doesnt really bother me that much I dont lose sleep because of it. Its just its sephiroth....he is suppost he was probably the baddest dude from any final fantasy...and when they finally get a voice for him. They get Lance Bass form NSYNC to do it. =\ .
Person 4: if lance comes back I will kill him....he doesn't need to be doing any voice acting...none..whatsoever...

Person 3 brings up a good point. While it didn't outright offend me... it WAS somewhat... disappointing.

I like Person 4's threat... I laughed so hard when I read it. It was just like "blah blah, happy fucking sunshine, woopdeedoo, rainbows" and then... "DIE YOU FUCK, DIE!!!" (both quotes EXTREMELY fucked with).
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