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I haven't used a desktop wallpaper that I made myself in like... four hundred thousand years or something. I think the last one I used was that blue Dir one from Taiyou no ao. Wow, that was a long freakin' time ago. And you know me, I usually hate to recycle images, but that cutie one of Changmin and JaeJoong was just too much so I used it again. Same phrase too... OK FINE I CHANGED ONE WORD! I really can't have the same thing everywhere.

I print screened it. I did it this way because wallpaper files are diesel. I guess I can load the wallpaper if anyone wants to see it up close in all its glory.

You may have guessed that in addition to loving that image, I am absolutely obsessed with that brush. I wish I could remember where I got it because that person deserved a lot of credit for everything I've been making lately.
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